Dehi's Blueprint

Our Vision

Our dream is to be a sustainable Zara. But why Zara, and not Massimo Dutti? Our founder believes sustainability isn’t truly sustainable unless it reaches the masses. Sustainability shouldn't be a luxury reserved for a few—it should be for everyone, especially in a nation as vibrant and aspirational as India.

We understand the pulse of the new generation—the movers and shakers who can transform the way we consume. But hey, Rome wasn't built in a day. Today, sustainability is widely known but not widely practised.

Do you wear a hot dress or that trendy corset every day? The answer is no. Can we expect someone to be 100% sustainable in their daily lives? The answer is no again. Our dream is to become a key part of your everyday wardrobe—sometimes for office wear, sometimes for vacations, or sometimes for lounging around—at prices similar to fast fashion brands. We don’t want to pass the cost of sustainability onto you, and that is the challenge we have taken on: to make sustainable, high-quality clothing accessible to all of India.

We dream of a future where sustainability is as easy as your morning coffee. But hey, no pressure. We’ll take care of it!

Our next dream is to become carbon negative, to introduce new earth-friendly fabrics, and to start a take-back program for our clothing. We want a closed-loop system where we take care of and take back what we produce. 

Our journey is long, but with your support, it's a runway we'll sprint down!

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