What makes Dehi sustainable?

Sustainability is the best policy for any individual, next only to honesty. As a brand, we know, accept, and understand that being 100% sustainable isn’t always possible, but we, at Dehi, try our level best to produce, use, and design sustainably. 

The textile industry is the 2nd most polluted industry in the world, where mass production leads to immense wastage of cloth, which eventually ends up in landfills. There are a lot of things that are produced but not used. We use good quality surplus fabric instead of letting it go to waste. This helps us in saving the resources like electricity, water, etc., which might have otherwise been used to produce new fabrics. We do not discard the fabric trims, we either recycle, or upcycle them.

The fabrics we use are natural - cotton linen, and wool. We try not to use elastics in our pieces unless it’s absolutely necessary or in case of custom products. We don’t use brand tags or wash instructions that are attached to the clothing items. The labels on our pieces are also made of cotton. The buttons we use for our shirts, pants, and skirts are either made of metal, or wood. Yes, sustainability is possible without having to compromise on style.

We are on our way to zero carbon emissions, but until we get there, we are reducing our carbon footprint by avoiding the use of resources that put the planet at large in danger. We use the already existing material before we reach out and get something new. Packaging is also an important part when it comes to brand sustainability which is why we use cotton bags for custom orders, and for cloth travel within the company, and for online orders, we use corn-starch bags. 

And finally, we are proud that we follow sustainability with our designs too. We don’t offer collections based on micro-trends. Instead, we are mindful about our designs making sure they are timeless, classic items that are sure to never go out of style.