Who are we?

Since "Deh" means "body", Dehi is what is made for your body. Think of us as your second skin, something to not only cover your body with, but to make comfy clothes that ultimately make you feel more confident in your skin. That's where true happiness lies, after all.

Our brand puts equal focus on both comfortable, and gorgeous clothing. Why should comfort only come in the form of jammies? Gone are the days when looking sexy demanded us to choose between style and comfort. With our intricate patterns, timeless designs, and at-ease natural fabrics, you can flaunt what you got, without giving it a second thought.

At Dehi, we listen to the heart, and a brand's beating heart is their customer base. We offer custom clothing as per every individual's needs, for every body, every "deh", is different, and just as beautiful as what's inside. While you take care of the beauty of the body and the soul, we take care of the beauty that YOU decide to put on display. In simple words, we're not here to tell you what to wear, we're here to listen to you, your needs, and deliver pertaining to them.

Dedicated towards bridging the gap between the niche and the populace, we are working hard to make sure that everyone feels included, because we believe that everyone's special, and unique.

Our aim here is to keep things classy, comfortable, sustainable (so that we don't take away more from mother Earth than we can give), cool, relatable, and to make your shopping experience mindful and enjoyable.

Enough talk, now. Go on, the cart isn't going to fill up itself. We've got hot picks for almost every event and setting. And if you don't find something that floats your boat, write to us. We'll be happy to help.

Happy shopping, fellas!