Let's be honest, aren't we sick of the word "sustainability," like how Instagram reels spoil our favourite songs? We haven't marketed sustainability to you because you'd think we're just another brand lecturing about climate change, sustainable living, and making you feel guilty for buying that dress you’ve been eyeing. Instead, we're giving you silhouettes that are healthy for the planet and good for your karma, without burning a hole in your pocket! It's a win-win!

But if you're interested in knowing how we are sustainable, here we go:

We use good quality surplus fabric instead of letting it go to waste. This helps us in saving resources like electricity, water, etc., which might have otherwise been used to produce new fabrics. This helps us significantly reduce our carbon footprint. By the way, we are in the process of quantifying our carbon emissions.

We don’t throw away our scraps. We save them to be either given for recycling or repurposed into smaller accessories.

We don’t actively follow trends. Our design language is minimal, classic, and functional. But sometimes, we bringin' sexy backs! All functional and no play would make us feel dull. And a beautiful back is timeless! 

We don’t use plastic buttons, even those that look wooden. We avoid using elastics in our designs unless absolutely necessary. Even our pyjamas don’t have elastic!!

Moreover, our production processes are constantly evolving to find new ways to minimise waste and maximise efficiency.

Our packaging has always been plastic-free. We urge you to reuse it despite how it's thrown left, right, and centre by the delivery personnel! It hurts!

Our Future Plans

We aim to achieve carbon neutrality followed by becoming carbon negative. We plan to upcycle our scrap into accessories and are working towards creating a closed-loop system for our clothing. We will introduce more sustainable fabrics for customers willing to pay a premium for sustainability. However, we will always have our Dehi Core collection for the rest of us!

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