From Dehi with Love

From Dehi with Love

Love is in the air, indefinitely, which is why everytime we breathe, it settles within us. Love is powerful, it's kind, it's the best thing to happen to people, but most importantly, love is diverse. Imagine a world that consisted of only one kind of love, and you'd get bored very soon.


It's Valentine's Day today, and we thought this day was ideal to start our blogging journey, because this brand, and everything we constantly dedicate towards bringing in the eyes of the public, stems from love. Yes, we use fabrics, and words, and reels, and many other things, but Dehi's main ingredient is nothing but love: the love we have for fashion, the love we have for style, the love we have for love itself.


In life's journey, we start with the love of family/guardians, moving on to the love we give to and receive from friends, and then finally, the romantic love. But there are more kinds of love if you think about it. There's love everywhere, even with inanimate objects because like we mentioned earlier, love has settled within us, and every act from there on, is an act of love.


Since we're here to celebrate the diversity of love, let's dive a little deep into the many forms it takes:


  • Pyaar Dosti Hai:




Back in the day when dating was a lost concept, and it was too difficult for us to understand (it still sometimes is, isn't it?), we relied on our friends. Even today, no matter how great a love life we have, the kind of bond we share with our friends will always be unmatched.


  • Romance:




The term started as a philosophical school of thought, and before we knew it, it became something that our beloved Shah Rukh Khan set unrealistic expectations for us. But all said and done, romance is not dead. Date nights with the one we love, whether outside or at home can be very romantic, sometimes even like it's in the movies, not exactly like SRK does it, but some people do come close.


  • Family Matters:




When it comes to family, it indeed is a series of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. But families help us grow, learn, and become better versions of ourselves. They know how to forgive us even for our most terrible mistakes, supporting us no matter what, and in turn helping us further in life to value and respect the love we receive from others.


  • F Society:




People are too comfortable with what they've always known, sticking to the conventionally accepted love by the society, but it's time to learn and unlearn. Whether platonic or romantic, love breaks the boundaries set by the society between races, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Dehi salutes and supports, but also encourages and practices the art of standing up for love.


  • Eat, Pray, Love:




Without self love, we can never truly indulge in any other kind of love. And surprisingly, in today's world, this is the most difficult to indulge in. The increasing negative self-talk and our busy lives in general have swayed us from what's really important: our true selves. Of course there's always skin care, and buying gifts for ourselves, but the first step to loving oneself is accepting ourselves just as we are. But before all that, we must always, unapologetically, be ourselves.


  • Pyaar Ek Dhokha Hai (special mention):




We don't blame you. After heartbreaks and experiencing jokes in the name of relationships (romantic, platonic, even familial), this only makes sense. That's okay, we see you. Beliefs are for believing, not for forcing them on others.


In any shape, size, or color, love comes with care and respect. That's how we started this brand, and that's how we plan on taking it forward. We also believe, like many others on this planet, that we don't need a special day to celebrate love, that it's something that needs to be appreciated and celebrated every day. But we also understand the hustle of our daily lives, and therefore we believe it's okay to have special days such as these, dedicated to one thing only.


We've curated a special Valentine's themed collection that ranges from date night picks, to something you can wear at home and chill with your boo, to workplace romance (whether it's a Jim and Pam thing, or a love affair with your work), and to when you want to be alone basking in the glory of solitude. Best part about this collection? Just like love, it isn't restricted to one day. You can wear these pieces any day, every day. Click here, place your order, and avail a special 10% V-Day discount during check out.


Remember to love and let love. Happy Valentine's Day, world!

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